Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SEO eCommerce Application

I had a meeting today with Kyle Lacy of Brandswag. In our conversation, we talked about the ever so popular networking group Rainmakers. (Ironically enough, today I received 2 free passes to Rainmakers) We also volleyed back and forth with our past and present projects.

The project that we are currently finishing up is an eCommerce application that is search engine optimized. The reason that I am writing about this subject in particular, is that I was asked, "what makes that different from any other shopping cart?" That is a question that the Squish team and the man that we were subcontracted through-Ken Zweigel-have asked ourselves several times as a way to better explicate to businesses why they need this product.

Here's why:
Each page for each product is created by the administrator of the site. So, for each product, the following information is able to be entered;

-A description of the item-both the long and short description

-Adding new/selecting existing a category, brand, and drop shipper.


-Product images

-Attaching related products

-Adding attributes such as color, values, and fees for the attribute.

-And the following, which makes it SEO friendly: Keyword tag, description tag, title tag, Miscellaneous tag, and headline.

This is an amazing product, so any business that sells anything should highly consider making a phone call to me-317-833-9483- or email me!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ten Guilty Pleasures

My ten guilty pleasures (not in any certain order):

.Crackers with butter
.Duct tape
.Deal or No Deal-I swore I would never watch it, yet, I get hooked...
.Social networking sites such as MySpace-I love looking at pictures and learning about my friends and others...
.Coor's Light
.Clearance shopping
.Squish Designs
.Brainstorming to see how I can help everyone

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I'm back at it-----For real! :)

I took a break from blogging because I just did not know what to write about. I did a Good Search for topics to blog about, and I came to this blog. So, you'll be hearing a lot more from me. Hope you can handle it!

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