Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Want a Cool Laptop Bag!

I got up this morning knowing that I have a meeting with Patric Welch. We are going to meet at Panera Bread, which has free wi-fi, and I thought I'd multitask, and stay for a while after our meeting and do a bit of work... That reminded me of my laptop and the bag that I have to transport it.

I got the bag as a gift for volunteering to help run a blood drive while I was still an employee of the Department of Workforce Development for the State of Indiana. It's just the normal black, lackluster bag that many carry.

I'm feeling a bit adventurous today, and would really like to have a stylish bright colored bag to carry with me. So, I Googled laptop bags, and came up with some pretty awesome bags. Now the hard part is choosing which one I will purchase!

Here are some of the ones that I found...
One from Squidoo Shopping.
Golla. I contacted them; they are in Finland... They don't sell via eCommerce though...

Do you have any suggestions?

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1 comment:

Patric Welch said...

Have you tried eBags? I've purchased from them in the past and been pleased with their products.