Friday, April 25, 2008

AT&T Happy Hour at the Indianapolis Symphony

Here's my latest Smaller Indiana event involvement...

Thanks Pat Coyle for the free tickets! I enjoyed my evening!

Here's my recap;

Got downtown Indy at about 5:00, searched forever for a parking spot... Warm nights=No parking spots!

Arrived at the BEAUTIFUL Hilbert Circle Theater at 5:45. Got in line and got a complimentary Coke and Tommy Bahama Rum. Yum!

Watched the very entertaining show including music from Star Wars, Beethoven, and Bernstein. One of my favorite pieces was from Gould, Pavanne from Symphonette No. 2... the one that the Maestro, Thomas Wilkins, requested that upon the prompt of the raising of his left hand, that the crowd shout "Mambo"! How fun!

After the winner of the iPod Shuffle was announced, the show was over... We were all invited to join the Maestro at Nicky Blaine's(first time there as well..) for the "after party". My partner, George, and I met up with Pat Coyle, Zack Legend, Paul Thomas, and Henry Kurkowski from Smaller Indiana for a bit, had a beer, and had the opportunity to shake hands with Maestro Wilkins!

I was happy to experience my first night at the Symphony--Smaller Indiana style... I recommend that if you have time on June 19, you should check out the AT&T Happy Hour at the Symphony!

See ya there!

p.s. I have posted a couple of videos(awaiting approval as I am typing this) so that those that missed the event could see that beauty of the music that was played. Enjoy!

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