Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heartland Crossing Has 3 Great Websites!

What a great resource the World Wide Web has become!

The Heartland Crossing website, formerly http://www.heartlandcrossing.com is now http://www.heartlandcrossinghoa.com. You can find information about the amenities, utility providers, clubhouse rental, services, etc.. on this site.

In addition, another great resource is the Tri-County Neighbors website! Here you will find various classified information, event, real estate, and even contests! Sherry Barnett and Richard Amburgey have put a lot of work into getting this site up and running and encourage folks to get active on the site!

The newest site, www.heartlandcrossingcommunity.com that has been created by me, Nicki Laycoax-a Heartland Crossing resident-is designed to promote and encourage our friends and neighbors to get active and make the most of living here! Think of it as a MySpace specifically for Heartland Crossing!

There have been so many times that the people in my cul-de-sac have wanted to get together for a sporting event, but haven’t had enough people to do so. It is my hope that we can get as many people active on this Heartland Crossing Social Networking site and make lots of new friends and create and maintain an awesome support network for a long time to come!

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