Monday, May 5, 2008

My Indy Experience-Saturday, May 3 to Cinco de Mayo!

What eventful last few days I've had!

My Saturday started began by taking my son to the Children's Museum to experience the new Comic Book exhibit. They have a special section set up in the museum that is attributed to all the favorite comic book heroes. I wouldn't have known about the exhibit had it not been for my friend from Smaller Indiana, Rhett Cochran. Thanks Rhett!

I experienced some excitement as I was walking through the museum recording some video footage of the comic books, costumes, and other superhero paraphernalia... As I was taping, I heard a quiet Toby McGuire like voice behind me say, "you know, my favorite comic book hero has always been..."... so I turn around to see who is nearly whispering in my ear, and it's SPIDERMAN!!!!!! Talk about having the crap scared out of me! My son thought it was the funniest thing he'd seen!

Not only did they have all the paraphernalia on display, but they also had the Batmobile from Batman Begins for us to check out!

I had planned to go see John Mellencamp perform in the free concert on the White River State Park Lawn for Hillary Clinton, but upon arriving an hour and a half early, and seeing the masses of people waiting in line, and looking at the dark skys, and feeling the falling temperatures and wind, we decided to head home for a movie and popcorn. Would love to have seen the performance, but woo! It was chilly!

Sunday-I responded correctly to a trivia question in the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra group on Smaller Indiana, to receive tickets to That 70's Showcase-Disco Days and Boogie Nights at ISO! Thanks Scott Harrison! This show was totally far out! One of the performers was Jake Simpson. There was music from the 70's performed starting with Smoke on the Water, the Brady Bunch theme, tributes to Elton John, the Beatles, the Carpenters, the Disco Divas, Gloria Gaynor, and my favorite performance of all......... Performed completely acapella by Chapter 6, Bohemian Rhapsody. I have never seen anything like this before. These guys sang and played "instruments" (instruments in quotation marks because there were no acutal instruments except for their mouths.... you know when you're in the car by yourself, and you're singing a song, and the part of the song comes that you play the "guitar" or a "horn" with your mouth.... Yeah, that's what this was..) Truly amazing. My daughter LOVED this show.

Monday-Cinco de Mayo: I met with my Smaller Indiana Espanol Amigos group for lunch at El Sol de Tala. Thanks to Lynn Jenkins, Kevin Hill, Faith Wesstrom, and Erik Deckers for taking time out of your busy days to have lunch! Great meeting you all!

After lunch, I headed off to the Main Street Expo, sponsored by the Indy Chamber and Sam's Club, held at the Indianapolis Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium after being invited by Erik Deckers at lunch! Thank you! There were so many great Indianapolis businesses that had booths set up, and so much great information available that this event was well worth the $20 and 3 hours that I spent at the expo. There were a few participants that are Smaller Indiana members; Jim Brown of Evereffect, and Will Hardison of Saucepan Creative.

It's been a very fun and busy last few days.. I'm signing off now to relax and have a margarita to celebrate what's left of Cinco de Mayo! Cheers!

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