Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's Your Lunch Special?

Ike & Jonesy's, a downtown Indianapolis pub and nightclub, has a wide age range of patrons. A lot of the patrons downtown business people from companies such as Lilly, IUPUI, The State of Indiana, etc... Ike's serves lunch Monday through Friday and unless you called or went to the restaurant to see the sign outside, you couldn't find out what their daily specials were.

Until now! Squish Designs has set up a Twitter account for Ike's. If you follow Ike's on Twitter; www.twitter.com/ikeandjonesys, check their website daily; www.ikeandjonesys.com, or via www.myspace.com/ikeandjonesys you can plan your lunch break with just the touch of a few keys on your computer!

Today's special was $5.95-Lasagna with Caesre salad or Italian Sausage Sandwich with potato salad and baked beans.

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Angi said...

Thank you Nicki!! I'm always checking online for lunch specials and never thought of Ike & Jonesy's before.

Nicki Laycoax said...

Thanks Angi! Glad I helped you!