Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chip In To Your Favorite Cause!

Recently, I was looking for a widget that would allow an entire online community to set a goal for pounds lost. The community is Twit2Fit, which by the way just hit over 260 members! What I had hoped for in this widget was that it would allow us all to set a goal for the site, say 300 pounds between the 260 + members, set a date for the weight to be lost, and show a graph or a meter that tracked the pounds lost.

What I found in my research was something close. Research will continue, but what I found is Chip In. This free widget creator can be used for any type of fundraising-non-profits, special causes, getting that new desk in your office, etc... Since I wanted to test it out, I tried to think of something that would be beneficial to my well-being; a VACATION!!! So, below, you'll see the widget raising funds for the vacation that I'm hoping to take in February!

If I've helped you in any way, or would just like to see some great pictures, videos, and blogging from a warm place, feel free to Chip In! :)

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