Monday, December 1, 2008

Skydeck Helps You Charge For Your PhoneTime

How many phone calls a day do you make? Are the majority of the phone calls to or from your clients? If so, you should check out a free application called Skydeck.

Skydeck allows you to upload your cell phone bill details and edit each number. How does this help? Well, each time your bill lists a text message or cell phone number that you have entered a contact or company name for, you are able to see how much time you are spending on the phone with them, and if your company is one that bills for phone time as well as actual project time, this will provide you with a great way to track and bill for your phone time!

It also integrates with Freshbooks (which I LOVE), to help you with figuring up how much you are owed, as well as Dial2Do which allows you to import Gmail or Outlook contacts, and your top 100 Skydeck contacts and utilize the talk to text or email functionality to save you typing time and keep you safe on the road!

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Rayanne Langdon said...

Always so helpful, Nicki : )

Rayanne Langdon -- Rayanne Langdon,

dylan72986 said...

Nicki, as you may know, besides Skydeck, there is another key route that an increasing number of cell phone subscribers are taking to more directly slash their bills. In particular, customers with plans by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular are seeing substantial savings achieved through a company called Validas.

While in the middle of dealing with my own cell bills, I found out about Validas and the name of their website,, gives a good idea of what they do. Validas analyzes your online cell bill for free and calculates how much money you could be saving. Eight of ten wireless customers are paying more than they need to on their plans. Validas fixes this discrepancy by tailoring a customer's plan to fit their specific needs. Validas saves me personally over 230 dollars per year on my Verizon plan. That almost works out to getting a free month of my plan each year. To put this in perspective, the average Validas user currently saves $487 annually through the service.

If you choose, Validas will provide your personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed, for five bucks, to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill, this obviously provides a very cost effective solution. I was personally so impressed with my Validas savings that I jumped at the chance to work for the company when the opportunity presented itself.

Validas is rapidly becoming considered an advocate for the wireless customer. Check out a feature on Validas on The Big Idea with CNBC's Donny Deutsch at Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should consider this service. It’s free to consult and you only stand to save.

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